Bali – The dream that comes true

A lot of people probably have drams about Bali. Photos of paradise beaches, infinity pools out over the jungle, incredible terraces, beautiful temples that you see through travel agencies, social media and in newspapers. If I said it was the reality would you then book the first flight to Bali?

During one destination you get to chill on the beach at sunset in Seminyak to get to stay in the mysterious jungle of Ubud. Walk between the rice fileds or going up the Mt. Batur. To try surfing on crazy waves or scuba diving. Or try yoga or perhaps the world’s most expensive coffee – Luwak coffee?  Yes, Bali has it all. Bali suits everyone. For those who are looking for adventure to those who just want to take it easy and find harmony.


To experience a different culture with beautiful temples, cool ceremonies and friendly people. And the Indonesian food is delicious. Then the fact that Bali has very much international food means that there is something for everyone. Bali is incredibly affordable. Sure that you may have to pay 5000 SEK round-trip from Sweden, but with the prices of Bali it is clearly worth it. Both hotels and food are inexpensive. And if you are willing to pay a little extra you can get to stay incredibly nice.

Sure that Bali has become increasingly touristy in recent years. June to September is the high season. This is when the dry season occurs, but even then the most tourists are there. Then comes the rainy season. But Bali is so worth going to. It’s like a dream. So don’t forget to write up BALI on your bucket LIST.

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