Cape Town-The place to be

Do you also have the dream to go on safari and see “The Big Five”? Or maybe swimming with seals? To go to the southernmost point of Africa?

               Cape of Good Hope

Cape Town is a city that has incredible amount of activities to offer. There is something for everyone. Cape Town is affordable and has plenty to offer whether you are old or young. On the road by yourself, with a partner or family. The food here is international. Prices are cheaper than in Sweden, about 1/3 cheaper.

If you are interested in history, you can, for example, go out to Robben Island. The island where Nelson Mandela was incarcerated most of his time in prison. For shopping freaks there are several shopping malls. What I personally would recommend is W&A waterfront. Which is right in the harbour. Incredibly beautiful, cozy and they offer both shopping and restaurants with good food. Wine lovers should not forget to visit at least one of the beautiful vineyards that can be found near Cape Town.

W&A Waterfront

If you have a driving license you can rent a car and go around. For example, go to the southernmost point of Africa – the Cape of Good Hope or go on cool roads at Chapman’s Peak drive. For the active person who loves to ride, one should absolute rent a bike for a few days. Nature is absolutely amazing. Narrow road that goes up and down. Cliffs overlooking the sea. Mountains and green plants. The wind blowing your hair. So lovely! And do you want adventure? You can always go parachuting or why not try climbing/abseil down for Table Mountain. 112meter down!

Chapmans Peak Drive

Then there are certainly many people who would do like us. Those who go to South Africa to visit a safari. Kruger National Park is South Africa’s largest national park. However, if you only visit Cape Town, it will be a long journey to get there. 17 h by car. Sure, you can fly. It takes about 4h to Phalaborwa airport. Or you take two flies in one stone and visit Johannesburg. Which is much closer to Kruger than Cape Town. However, we chose to just take a day trip to Aquila Safari.  A safari 2h drive from Cape Town. Here they had “the Big Five” – Lion, Elephant, rhino, leopard and buffalo. The animals were well in their huge enclosures in their real environment.

For animal lovers who wish to see penguins you can get to Boulder Beach which is not so far from Cape Town. And there is also the opportunity to swim with the free Hout Bay seals. If you dare, you also have the possibility to immerse in the water in a cage and have swimming sharks around.



Boulders Beach

Cape Town or rather South Africa is really a place to visit. So no matter what you’re after during your vacation. Don’t forget to go here!

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