Chamonix – A walking adventure beyond the ordinary

Climbing a mountain or Everest Base camp has always been on my Bucket list. The time and money to buy all the equipment and plan the trip has not really been found there. But sometimes you do not need to plan everything even if you are planner. Imagine that a spontaneous trip to the Alps would be the best trip in a very long time.

Before the trip, a couple of good hiking shoes, walking sticks and hiking food was purchased. In a new activity, I do not think you should spend too much money. You never know if it is the first and last time you do it. So buy only the most necessary! If you have forgotten to buy something important, it is almost always possible to buy on site.

The hike here is absolutely amazing. What a nature. It’s like a dream. Completely magical. Walking among rocks, paths and streams. With a view for small lakes, glaciers, mountains and waterfalls. There is hiking for everyone – from the beginner to the experienced. Some hiking trails are more demanding than others. But there are incredibly many and beautiful trails. And for those who may not want to hike but just see the fantastic view, you can buy ski passes and go up at high altitudes. And if you want to see Chamonix from above you can always try paragliding. An experience completely out of the ordinary!

Chamonix – A charming village surrounded by mountains. The prices here were over average. A meal cost at least 10 euros. When booking the hotel we are lucky to find a good offer at at “Chalet Hotel Le Prieuré”. The hotel offered views of Europe’s highest mountains – Mont Blanc every day from our hotel rooms. The staff were very friendly and helpful. I strongly recommend this place.

Chamonix and the Alps were not a place I had planned to go to. But Chamonix surprised me completely. Chamonix and the Alps had everything and even more. Magical nature. Short travel distans to get here. As Europe’s Secret paradise! Go here and you’ll experience the fantastic!

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