When taking the night bus after work to travel about 9 hours south in Thailand. Never that we would put ourselves on a night bus to go south in Sweden. But funny enough it attracts in Thailand. We had booked a VIP-bus. The seats were large and you could fold down the seat so youContinue Reading Krabi

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Weekend Trip Booked!

Now it’s time! We have spontaneous booked our first real trip since we came here for almost two months ago. On Friday evening, it takes off with the night bus towards Krabi where we will take a boat out to Railay beach to spend two days. Click here to see pictures. Mandy is happy toContinue Reading Weekend Trip Booked!

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When food is just to good

The food this weekend was magical. Some dishes were “out standing” and we enjoyed every bite. This weekend, it feels like we have done one thing: eating and drinking amazing food! The pictures below may describe this “eating weekend”! Pasta with Truffle Potatoes, burgers and skewers on Seenspace Magic Pasta at the Chocolate Factory Dessert!

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Chill, pool hangout and food

One of the best things here in Thailand is that we constantly get visits from Sweden. It almost feels like you’re at home. Right now, Andys friends are here. It has then become quite a lot of relaxing, hanging by the pool and good food. We have visited markets. Of course the favorite Cicada-which isContinue Reading Chill, pool hangout and food

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Already yesterday it was raining almost all day. During the night we woke up by the storm that has been outside our window. Rain, thunder and lightning. During the morning the rain has just been pouring down. We have seen on while the water level is rising outside our house. The power has disappeared toContinue Reading Flood

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Ratchaburi and Thai Wedding

The journey We started Friday by going to Ratchaburi right after work to be able to participate in our colleague’s wedding. The wedding took place on Saturday but because the Thais for some profound reason have their wedding approx at 06:00 (?!) so we went the day before. We manage to take us to theContinue Reading Ratchaburi and Thai Wedding

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Adventure Weekend

So far, it feels like there is so much to do and experience. Here we have the opportunity to take a spontaneous adventures before work. On weekends there are opportunities to go a little longer. There is much to see 1-2h car drive outside of Hua Hin. Over the weekend that was we drove toContinue Reading Adventure Weekend

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Life in Hua Hin

Then it’s time to try to get started with this blogging so close and dear ones can follow our life in Hua Hin (and anyone else reading this..). Are you excited? I hardly know where to start. The contrasts are huge. From Stockholm’s life to Hua Hin. Here we are close to the beach andContinue Reading Life in Hua Hin

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Bath (TBH)






Sommartid: +5 timmar. Vintertid: +6 timmar


220 V.


Vatten bör ej drickas från kranen utan köp vatten på flaska.


Som svenska behöver man inte söka om visum så länge man inte stannar längre än 30 dagar.


Är man ute i god tid kan man hitta flyg för ca 3500 kr tur och retur.


Grundskyddet för stelkramp-, difteri- och polioskydd bör man ha. Vaccination mot kolera, Hepatit A och B rekommenderas. Samt vaccination för japansk encefalit och tyfoid om man ska stanna i Thailand över tre veckor. Risken för Malaria är liten. Glöm inte att använda myggmedel.