Christmas Adventure

After Mandy has gone 110% in her planning of our Christmas adventures in the last few weeks, we have finally completed the entire travel plan and everything is booked. Nice that everything is in place (not least for the sake of house peace) so that we can take it chill the last working days before departure. We have a tight schedule spread over 12 days and 5 flights.. But it's probably that way we like it the best.. Effective.

Below is the whole travel plan for those of you who are interested!


El Nido

(22/12 – 25-/12)

We start the journey by travel to El Nido where we will spend Christmas Eve with island hopping (visit various islands by boat). Should be a paradise place with clear water and nice nature, expectations are high!



(25/12 – 28/12)

The next stop will be Boracay which is a small island with a paradise beach and here is the only thing on the schedule sun and bath. But we'll certainly manage to push in any activity as well.

Unfortunately, we have discovered that this island is currently to some extent affected by the typhoon that has struck the eastern Philippines but we keep our fingers crossed that it calmed down until we come.

Cebu City

(28/12 – 31/12)

It will be fun to visit Cebu City because the idea from the beginning was that we would work there for another company but then it became Thailand instead. Here we have a day of excursions to waterfalls and even swim with whale sharks. The remaining time is spent exploring the city.

Kuala lumpur

(31/12 – 01/01)

The trip's last destination and also where we will celebrate the new year will be in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our research shows that this is the place to be on when the new year is celebrated, fireworks and feasts throughout the city.

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