Life in Hua Hin

Then it’s time to try to get started with this blogging so close and dear ones can follow our life in Hua Hin (and anyone else reading this..). Are you excited? I hardly know where to start. The contrasts are huge. From Stockholm’s life to Hua Hin. Here we are close to the beach and the sea while you go inland you get beautiful green mountain tops. Everything is more harmonious and relaxed here. No stress.

We have chosen to live inland. A bit like in the country, fixed among greenery and green mountain tops. About 14 min from the beach. With the help of a moped you can easily get around. However, their mopeds are type like motorcycles here and go easy at 90 km/h. If you ever get delayed to work, it is not because of the train delays, it’s because a bunch of cows going over the road.

Then you should not forget that on weekdays we work. Just like ordinary people. Andy has pretty much the same job as he had before. For me, everything is new. Imagine going from nurse to IT-Nerd? Here I sit in the help desk and help people with their computer problems. It’s funny. But my brain can easily become overheated after a day at work.

If you ask me what the best is about being here, I would say that: adventure is behind the corner. Maybe it was so in Sweden aswell? But there was nothing we saw. Not in the same way. Here we can go on adventures before work. It’s fucking luxury!


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