Ratchaburi and Thai Wedding

The journey

We started Friday by going to Ratchaburi right after work to be able to participate in our colleague's wedding. The wedding took place on Saturday but because the Thais for some profound reason have their wedding approx at 06:00 (?!) so we went the day before. We manage to take us to the hotel where we are staying that is well outside the Ratchaburi and finally get our rooms and it was a surprise we were not prepared for. We let the images describe what cannot be described with words..

As you can see, we got the hotel's finest rooms!? The joy was short, however, when it turned out that we accidentally got two of the rooms that were actually for the band.. Well, after a moment of dividing back and forth, we got the rooms that were really meant for us. Then new rooms was nice but a little pale compared to the first rooms.

06:45- Good morning!
Apparently, we didn't have to get to the ceremony as early as it began. Why? Unclear.. It was quite a lot that we did not understand but we nodded and looked happy in the hope that they did not asked us to do something that we did not understand. After the wishes from the bride we dressed in traditional clothes and we looked stylish!

The wedding itself consisted of a very long ceremony where the man would show that he deserved the woman. Gifts from all sides and edges, money, gold and a monk who splashed water (holy?). As a farang you got a lot of attention and wanted in every picture. After the ceremony, there was food and music on schedule for the approximately 100 + guests who attended. This was, to say the least, an exciting experience with everything unknown that appeared on the tables.

In summary, it was a fun day and it's not every day you get to experience a thai wedding.


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